Having an e commerce setup is the demand of the day! If you want to be overly successful with your venture you need to create an e-commerce platform to complement your existing business. The internet is flooding with tips and tricks to launch a successful e commerce business, all you need is the right blue print of your plan to success. Many websites offer to register domain name free of cost. Then their websites which charge a small amount of money so that you can buy a domain name. Many blogs have given domain name examples and guided with the domain name registration so that your website startup journey is conditioned to a good start.

Many bloggers and businessman are sure about the success of a word press theme for the website. As this ensures the right and suitable format for a new website. Working with word press is not a very difficult task. With the right tutorials and instructions, anyone with a slight inclination toward learning can adopt it. Once your website is completely designed, you need to identify a host that can help you launch the website at the right place with the perfect specifications.  Below are some tip and tricks to land the best possible word press host for your e-commerce website.

  • WordPress is the perfect script without any heavy detailing and complex programming, and hence any server is capable of running a website based on word press. There are two requirements for the WordPress; one is MySQL 5.6 version and PHP 5.7 version or a much advanced one.
  • You should decide the hosting that you would want to your word press website. There is an option of sharing, free, VPS, dedicated and managed to host to select from.

Free hosting is easily available on the internet, the only condition that they put up is that you need to advertise them on your website. There is more harm than good with the free hosting option because you cannot trust them. They might simply discontinue service provision as they may deem appropriate and you would be left in a lurch.

Shared hosting is the most sensible option when you have just launched your website. The best part of this hosting is that you share space with a few other websites. The service provided is par excellence. The only issue that might occur later on would be a busy server due to load, but that can be handled through dedicated and managed hosting services.